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Steele Plan (Recommended)

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The Steele Plan is the best plan to build that perfect relationship between you and your dog! I will take the time to build an excellent foundation, and then we will have private sessions to make sure your dog is listening, responding, and thinking at home and with you at all times.




  1. 2 week Board and Train
    • Learns Basic Commands (Come, Sit, Stay, Down, Off, Place)
    • Learns Advanced Walking (Heel, Break, No Pulling)
    • Doorway Manners
    • Extended Duration (Sit, Down, Place)
    • Avoiding Nuisance Behaviors (Nipping, Jumping, Barking, etc.)
    • Off-Leash Training! (If Interested)
  2. 10 private sessions (Weekly)
    • Mastering obedience in the home
    • Mastering walking around the home
    • Getting out in Public Situations!