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Does your dog:

. . . Pull you?

. . . Bite, Bark, or Growl at others?

. . . Struggle with Basic Commands?

. . . Have too much energy?

. . . Have Separation Anxiety?

. . . Chew things they shouldn't?

. . . Need help with Potty Training?

. . . Have Food Aggression?

. . . Get Distracted Easily?

. . . Play too rough with your Kids?

. . . Want to take it to the Next Level?

Because Your Home is Not a Zoo


My Story

Growing up, I was always "the dog guy," and proud of it! Nothing beats coming home to a best friend who is always happy to see you. Even better, is coming home to a well-behaved best friend who is always happy to see you. Over the years, I have learned that the key to any relationship, dog or human, is communication. Sometimes, getting that good communication with your dog requires flexibility, creativity, and a whole lot of patience. It is my dream to help anyone and everyone get there!

 Until the end of 2018, I was working as a lead dog trainer for another dog training company, and I started this company because I want to give a better and more personal touch than what is out there! I was born in the Northern Virginia area and have lived here most of my life. My Grandfather trained horses and dogs professionally, and in a lot of ways I began training with him. As I grew older, I was always the person watching neighbors and friends dogs, and helping them with the extra crazy ones. It wasn't until college that I decided I had to make a career out of helping dogs. Friends were getting dogs left and right, and quickly being overwhelmed with all the energy and responsibility of a puppy. I had to help, and that instinct is still there today! Directly following college, I managed and grew a high-volume dog daycare and boarding facility, and soon I began using whatever hours I could spare to learn how to train. I met and trained under one of the greatest trainers I've met, Isaac, who is still a close friend today. Training part-time eventually led to a full-time job at a training company. Within weeks, I was their Lead trainer and was taking the difficult, the stubborn, and the aggressive. Of course, I loved them all! After working with dogs for as long as I have, it became clear to me that my method of training was unique and I needed to share that with others. It is my hope that you will be one of the next people!

Train the right way! Train the Wolf Way!


My Services

Helping You Help Your Pet


Any of my clients are welcome to board their dog with me whenever they go out of town or are simply in need. When you board with me, you get a refresher on training AND you get someone who you trust giving your dog the love and attention they need!

Don’t wait - try any of my services today and give your pets the tools they need to reach their highest potential.



Training is what we're here for. I have studied almost every method out there, and of course different methods work for different dogs and owners. I work closely with each one of my clients and their dogs to makes sure that we meet our goals and build a strong, loving, and lasting relationship between you and your pup!


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